Clicker Train Your dog to Crawl

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Learn How to Teach your dog to Crawl. This is an excellent video on how to teach the creeping crawl.

Doggie Dancing

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I love the wide variety of dogs dancing and having fun. This really showcases musical canine freestyle and trick training for fun. I am especially impressed with the handstands so many dogs are doing at the end.

Doggie Dancing is a place for people to come and be entertained,educated and to promote Musical Canine Freestyle and other doggie performance arts. Please feel free to leave comments. Tell about upcoming events in the doggie world and connect with friends. If you love dogs like I do, Click our Like button for Facebook and help us spread the joy of Doggie Dancing.

Hello, my name is Melanie McClure and I am the founder of the number one fan club for Doggie Dancing.

I’m here today to share with you a little bit about the next big thing in dog sports to sweep the nation! Doggie Dancing! Already Doggie Dancing also known as Musical Canine Freestyle has rocked the house in Britain’s Got Talent several times over. Now thousands of dog owners across the world are turning on the music and dancing with their dogs! Doggie Dancing is the Fun way to train and spend time with your dog in an activity that engages mind, body and soul!

One of the things that makes Doggie Dancing so popular is that anyone young or old can do it. And any dog of any age, size or breed can enjoy and excel is this awesome sport!

You don’t need any specific equipment or space to practice in. Your own living room, yard and park are sufficient. It can be done on leash or off leash and is a great training method for developing off leash and distance control.

I got involved with Doggie Dancing when I got my first two Australian Shepherds. The were smart and full of energy. I wanted to find an activity that did not require any special equipment or space requirements to do. I wanted to more fully interact and play with my dogs. And I wanted to be able to do that activity in the comfort of my own living room. After in-depth research, I found out about Musical Canine Freestyle, a sport that combines musical creativity and dancing with trick training and agility training with my canine partners. I knew that this was the sport for me. I have been a dancer all my life and I have had dogs all my life, but now I have discovered dancing with dogs and it has proved to be a super fun activity that me and my dogs enjoy doing together.

I created this site to share with you some of the best doggie dancing and creative dog performance videos and tutorials I have found and enjoy.

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Happy Dancing,

Melanie McClure